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 Clive Barker

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PostSubject: Clive Barker   Wed Mar 25, 2009 1:37 pm

Clive Barker: Probably the best literature I've ever read, the most original stories. His ability to blend horror with fantasy is second to none. I love his writing style, the way he can make a reader lose themselves in his prose. Totally worth checking into his works if you're unfamiliar with his writing.

I'd recommend (I got the brief synopsis' from Wiki as I tried to write them myself but has been a while since I read them, it would be inaccurate)
The Great and Secret Show. The novel is about the conflict between two highly evolved men - Randolph Jaffe and Richard Fletcher - over the mystical dream sea called Quiddity. Jaffe hopes to tap into Quiddity's power while Fletcher wants to prevent it from being tainted. The conflict between the two men spills into the real world in a decades-long feud, distorting reality and affecting the entire human race. The novel contains a cameo appearance by supernatural investigator Harry D'Amour, who was first introduced by Barker in his short story 'The Last Illusion' from the Books of Blood volume 6

Everville (the 2nd book to the Great and Secret Show) - Everville tells the story of a small town of the same name, from its creation to transformation over the years. Several characters populate the book, some from our world and others from Quiddity, the vast universe / Afterlife / other place hinted at in the first book of the series. Noteworthy characters include detective Harry D'Amour from previous Barker works (most notably his Lord of Illusions story) as well as a few from book one of the series.

Weaveworld - The novel revolves around the world of the Fugue, a magical world which lies woven within a rug. Many decades ago, the Seerkind, creatures of magical abilities, decided to hide themselves, through some spell, in a safe haven, after being hunted down and eradicated by humans for centuries (with humans most commonly depicting them as demons and fairies in their mythological tales) as well as being decimated by a destructive being known as The Scourge, whose form is entirely unknown to the Seerkind, given that none of them assaulted by the Scourge survived to describe it. The Seerkind collect a number of beautiful places, hills, meadows and mountains, alongside their belongings and themselves and undergo a spell which encloses all of them in a rug. They also leave one of their race, a Seerkind woman named Mimi Lasenski, outside, in the human world (the Kingdom of Cuckoos, as they call it) with the purpose of keeping and guarding the rug and also unleashing the world of the Fugue someday, when the world will be a safe place for them. Eight decades later, a sudden interest emerges for the rug, at the time an elderly Mimi (having lost her immortality) expires: Cal Mooney, an ordinary young man, bumps into the rug and realises its magical nature; Suzanna Parish, Mimi's granddaughter wants to claim the property of her grandmother and access its secrets; Immacolata, once exiled by the Seerkind into the human world wants to find the rug and destroy her race. Cal and Suzanna join forces against Immacolata, her dead sisters and the greedy human known as Shadwell.

Basically he has written a lot of books, those 3 are the ones I have read and I recommend all 3. He's an amazing writer

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Clive Barker
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