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 Animal Hybridism

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PostSubject: Animal Hybridism   Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:30 pm

I wish to share a few thoughts on animal hybridism in the wild, and those amongst us ie; dogs, and cats. Whilst we know different species of canines and felines are bred to create different breeds, and we also know this is accepted by a majority of the world, does it make it right? Obviously its not just pets, breeders make hybrids from wild animals like lions, tigers, jaguars, some less wild animals like donkey and a horse, and also in marine life - False Killer Whales and Dolphins and so on.
I hear that some people are worried primarily with health issues, but what about moral issues. Animals rely on their instinct to guide them through life, they know where they belong, and even recognise own family members. But humans come along and disrupt this natural order and breed different species to make a new species altogether.

Lets look at the Liger, a hybrid that is almost quite well known - a cross between a male lion and a tigress. If a tiger is a being of solitude, and a lion is known for being part of a pride, where does the Liger fit in? Which species does it belong to? How does it find its purpose and how does the cross effect its instincts? Apparently it can't be released into the wild because of issues relating to its character. So, these breeders have created a soul or a life-form that cannot function in the wild, where the species used to create it thrives. Does this sound morally right? Also, wild animals are known for their beauty but these hybrids have a 'confused' state of appearance.

The Wolphin I believe is less recognised amongst people, a cross between a Bottle Nosed Dolphin and a False Killer Whale. The first time breeders accomplished this the Wolphin died after a few days, but they bred another, and it lived for 9 years, all the whilst the mother did not nurse it at all. One could presume the mother didn't recognise it as its off-spring so would've been happy to ignore its own young. Of course, when this one perished the breeders bred another, which ultimately the mother did nurse. Dolphins and Killer Whales have different traits, which again draws me back to thinking how does a hybrid act on its instinct when two conflicting species are bred creating off-spring?

These arguments on morals ad ethics brings us back to dogs and cats. Many species of dogs and cats are bred together and this is and has been accepted for a long time. But, humans disrupting the natural order of things and the fact that other humans welcome this disruption troubles me. Why do they feel they can do this freely? Humans are not gods, we are not above the animal world, we are animals ourselves. If it happens naturally, then it could be construed as a mistake by nature, but for breeders to come along, and create conflicted life-forms this comes across to me as wrong. There are many other animal hybrids created by man, which I will link you to below. All are from Wikipedia.




Zeedonk - a good example of how its appearance is clearly conflicted.

A list of different animal hybrids

Obviously there are a lot of questions that can be raised and many opposing and conflicting arguments, but this topic is important to me so I would like to hear from anybody with a view on the subject.


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Animal Hybridism
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