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 The true nature of good and evil?

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PostSubject: The true nature of good and evil?   Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:36 pm

I had a messed up experience on Ketamine a few months back, and found myself quite literally ‘face to face’ with what I’d describe as the true nature of good and evil. This all supports my own ideas that single opposing embodiments of these separate forces cannot truly exist. They’re simply imaginative figments – possibly created by the forces themselves – or perceptually created by those who come into contact with them.
Evil is its own root form – a lifeless – soulless – loveless – relentless force that spreads throughout our material reality through peoples psyche – their emotions – souls. Of course it can’t originate there – I believe it’s just its way in from another place entirely. Like sound being able to travel through physical objects – satellite transmissions also. They have their own separate dimension in which they travel – and in that dimension there is no solid matter – yet we can pick up these signals and interpret them clearly.
I somehow saw a difference between darkness and evil in my own mind. Gabber music and heavy metal music has been seen as the devil’s music – so people who do not understand the underground music culture see it as ‘evil’. Well I say it’s just dark. Dark isn’t evil – darkness is more natural than light – our bodies needed darkness to develop – we need it to sleep. But also darkness is void of light - void of love. So evil can creep in through darkness and fester there – creating false perceptions and even fear of the dark.
Some people are afraid of the darkness in their own bedrooms – there’s no real logic behind this fear – they are alone. Is something in their being playing with their senses and making them fearing the dark? What’s different about the same empty room with the light on or during the daytime? Is it because you can physically see there’s nothing in that room with you – or has light pushed that fear provoking evil from the room or further back into their minds?
Darkness is evils bearer – it’s not the origin of it – neither is it part of it. If somehow we could filter the two – we’d be left with two separate entities. Darkness – void of light and love – and Evil -the true force of it. Darkness will not lead souls to ‘hell’. ‘Hell’ will lead souls to ‘hell’.
Hell doesn’t have to mean a big cave at the centre of the earth full of volcanoes and demons – neither a place where ‘bad’ people go. Those are just imaginative figments again created by minds that come into contact with either good or evil forces – a simple misguided interpretation. What if ‘hell’ is just a dimension void of emotion – life – colours – form - where this evil force originates from – an unconscious force stronger than human comprehension – more driven than the most active of minds. It claws its way into our world through fearful minds – and passed on like a disease by the weak and hateful. It can fester inside the minds of the weak – merging with their entire being if they are willing enough – like those who believe evil to be ‘good’, or ‘cool’. When really all it wants is to spread – to destroy and conquer. Maybe that’s all it can do. It’s the very nature of evil to be evil.
And the force of good the same – reaches out through light and love – passed on by those who welcome it – creating or adhering to a balance of the two throughout the universe. Could it be – whoever is touched by either side and accepts it – then get pulled to its origin after death? A soul tainted with evil cannot possibly be allowed into ‘paradise’, for it would bring evil with it? Or would it simply be cleansed by it like the fear invoking empty bedroom during the daytime?

My experience on K was simply me questioning whether I am good or an evil person – I just got sucked into a whole new realm of possibilities. That maybe even the most evil of hearts we see today are not just naturally like that – maybe they’re simply infected with evil from this other place - merging with them and creating a doer of malevolence, a sadist. Do they then deserve eternal torture for being simply weak towards its suggestion?
This experience is obviously open to debate and I’m sure there’s a tremendous amount of holes but trying to recall every detail of your basic mind trip from a drug is difficult. There’s more to it than what I’ve remembered – but I tried to put it out there the best I could.

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PostSubject: Re: The true nature of good and evil?   Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:32 am

what is classed as good? im sure theres no such thing as a good or evil person. we all do things that could be classed as evil in someones eyes, yet look like a saint to someone else shrug
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The true nature of good and evil?
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