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 Infinate Concepts

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PostSubject: Infinate Concepts   Sun Apr 12, 2009 6:23 pm


Yes, that's right. We are holding a competition to Win $50!!

Hello to all of Infinite Concept!

I am going to initiate a competition which
will bring MANY active users to the forum in my opinion and will keep
the current users active. Here is as follows:

Goal: The first member of the site to reach 2,500 posts. The staff CANNOT win the prize (Administrators and Global Moderators)


1. Please don't Double Post. If you don't know what that is, it is for example

This is a forum:

*Post1 Endothes: Hi InfiniteConcept members!
*Post2 Chunk: Hi Endothes
*Post3 Chunk: Hello everyone else
**Chunk posted twice without any post in-between.
2. Please don't spam. Self Explanatory
3. Please don't create multiple accounts to keep posting.

Now you're most likely wondering, why are we doing this competition and what do we get for winning?

Well, I'm doing this to promote the forum, to bring as many members as I can while everyone will be active. The prize will be $50 through
Paypal. If you cannot accept any money by paypal contact me if you are
the winner and we can work it out. I think this is pretty reasonable. *Note If you do donate, your money will be put to upgrading the forum NOT the competition.

So, Good luck and get posting! If you
promote the Forum this would be a GREAT way to bring members in. A
domain will be purchased in the next week for sure.


Here at Infinite Concepts we have a section
for everyone! And if we don't, you can suggest the ones you would like
and they will be added Instantly!

Domain -
We will be purchasing a domain very shortly, as this is a must for an
active good forum. With that, we will be upgrading the forum every
other day to create a better enviornment for all of it's users.

Arcade -
Here are InfiniteConcepts we do have an arcade with active users. We
have a variety of games and if there is a game you like and we don't
have it, suggest it! We will get it for you ASAP.

Activity -
Yes, there isn't as much activity on the forum as some big ones i've
run across but thats OKAY! The reason is, it's just begun. We are bound
to get more members everyday and that's just whats happening!

Graphics -
We have a couple sections on graphics and it's a great part to get
into. If you are into graphics and chatting, join! you'll LOVE what we
have set up so far.

- We have different
sections for all the different games you are into. Let it me PS3,
Xbox360, Wii, PC, and Flash! We all love them so why not chat about
them? YOU can, just join InfiniteConcepts!

So please, take a look at a forum and I
garauntee you'll like what you see! Register and post an introduction
to get started, it's THAT SIMPLE!
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Infinate Concepts
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