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 Sorry for being a nasty person

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PostSubject: Sorry for being a nasty person   Thu Jun 04, 2009 7:05 pm

to everyone. Sometimes i forget that words can hurt much like if it had been a physical attack. The people I offended were my friends and I regret it so much. Especially someone who I actually cared so much about since my ex of 4 years. These people were good friends, one in particular was special to me, and though I agree I was that bad person I would give anything to make it right, and get my friends back.

If I'm allowed back on the cauldron I will prove that i can be nice and normal and not a sarcy freak who likes to make constant jokes when nothing about it is funny.

If I get my friend back I'll be the best friend I can be.


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Sorry for being a nasty person
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