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 Hypercrites.org not .com

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Clara Listensprechen

Music style : Eclectic
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PostSubject: Hypercrites.org not .com   Fri Jun 05, 2009 11:56 pm

Not to be confused with Hypercrites.com, please; there's bad blood between them and .org, FYI.

I'm babysitting this spammer-riddled Simple Machines forum board as the spammer clean-up detail. It's basically dead and has a multitude of blanket wildcard IP bans in place because of the intense spammer attacks it gets.

If you're looking for giggles or want to give chatbot Alice a hard time, feel free to drop on by and register. I do have to tell you that as soon as you're registered you're automatically put in as Restricted Member and the only place a Restricted Member can post is in the Clearing House section....so I can sort out the spammer registrations from real people.

If on a wild hare you decide you want to visit and find yourself already banned, well, that's cuz your IP is covered by one of the blanket bans and it would help me out considerably if y'all would work with me personally via PM here to get you past the restriction and on the board.

We have an arcade, too.

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Music style : Grime and Coupe Decale
Favourite Band : I haven't got a favourite band atm Sad
Religious View : Confused
Political view : Complicated

PostSubject: Re: Hypercrites.org not .com   Tue Jul 28, 2009 7:02 pm

I did try but it said I was banned even for clicking on the register button!
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Hypercrites.org not .com
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