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 A volunteering post - thoughts?

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PostSubject: A volunteering post - thoughts?   Thu Jul 23, 2009 3:58 pm

Last night I went for a volunteering evening at a local charity. The charity is for young people and encourages them to have their say on political, economic and social matters, expressing themselves through film and media. These are some of the main themes I got from the evening:

- Belief that all borders should be opened to allow freedom of movement = regardless of if's or buts. The argument being that borders often destroy lives and restrict our freedoms.

- Population growth is good, people are talented and have skills to offer. Environmental concerns should be disregarded.

- Everyone has the right to aspire (which is something we're all going to agree about here)

Any thoughts? I would post their link but wouldn't really believe this to be fair on an open forum.
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A volunteering post - thoughts?
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