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 suffism,what is it?

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queen of hearts

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PostSubject: suffism,what is it?   Thu Mar 26, 2009 12:42 am

Sufism (Sufism) may be best described as a mystical practice that emphasizes certain unique rituals for guiding spiritual seekers into a direct encounter with God. Muhammad is considered their chief prophet and many consider Sufism to be a mystical brand of Islam.

Sufism is a difficult term to actually define because its meaning is supposed to have derived from various words, with differing connotations:

  • Bishr ibn al–Harith has said that, “the sufi is he whose heart is sincere towards God.” Thus, one of the words from which Sufism is supposed to have derived is safa meaning pure -- this due to the purity of the sufis’ heart.
  • Others have derived sufi from the word saff; this refers to the sufis’ “first rank” before God. Sufis believe that they are in a prominent position in relation to God. The term suffab -- meaning, “People of the Bench” -- and the word suf which refers to the Sufis habit of wearing wool are two more popular supposed derivations of the word sufi.
These two latter definitions gained acceptability because they quite accurately described the observed behavior of the sufi. Sufis, being people who are neither possessed or possess were as the People of the Bench (people who lived in the time of God’s Prophet) -- people who had fled the world, wanderers, without this world’s goods, not clothed in soft raiment but dressed in coarse wool.

Sufis teach that Sufism may be practiced with any religion -- it is the “heart” of religion. No one faith or belief is questioned; each can follow his own church, religion, or creed.

Sufism holds a doctrine of God which is extremely lofty. Here is an excerpt taken from one of their descriptions of God:

    “. . . ‘before’ does not outstrip him; ‘of’ does not vie with him for precedence; ‘from’ does not accord with him; ‘to’ does not join with him. . .”
When attempting to decide whether or not God is still in the act of creating, some Sufis are at odds; some say yes, he continues to create since Creator, Maker, and Former (one who formed) are his eternal attributes. Others say he did not become creator, maker, and former by performing these tasks; otherwise he would have been eternally deficient, only becoming complete through the act of creation.

Sufis believe that God is responsible for everything they do, every act that they, as his servants perform. If not, then they would be equal to God, doing whatever they wanted. Thus God is responsible for every thought and deed. God can do with his servants whatever he wills, whether it is to the servant’s advantage or not.

One of the important rituals in Sufism is the zikr. During a zikr, one remembers God through meditation, chant, and movement -- certain attributes of God are repeated until the seekers become “saturated” with God. This ritual supposedly, shatters and transforms them. As they spin and whirl around for hours, they reach a state of ecstasy and purity where the heart is only conscious of God. The seeker surrenders his or herself to total abandonment -- a total emptying of self.
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Sayf Udeen

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PostSubject: Re: suffism,what is it?   Sat Mar 28, 2009 2:48 pm

I'm not a Sufi.
I just thought I'd post this video of Whirling Dervishes for you.

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Clara Listensprechen

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PostSubject: Re: suffism,what is it?   Mon Apr 06, 2009 6:06 pm

Sayf, you don't seem to want to mention whether you're Shiite or Sunni, or that sufism has Persian (Shiite) origins. Modern sufis prefer to not be identified as either Shiite or Sunni because the spiritual/mystical goal is to rise above the rift in the spirit of the Hajj where all human beings are presumed alike and equal in the eyes of Allah.

There are Sunni sufis, but most are Shiites.
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PostSubject: Re: suffism,what is it?   

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suffism,what is it?
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